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Custom Automated Cleaning Systems by Elma

Elma Facility Automated Precision Cleaning Systems Download Product Literature

STC Lines: Single Transport Configuration for high process flexibility.

MTC Lines: Multiple Transport Configuration (with Lift – Push) for high throughput volumes

  • Custom designed Cleaning & Processing Lines having from 2 to 10 or more Washing / Rinsing / Drying stages.
  • Individual components including various modular options allow offering a range of automated cleaning lines that offer full flexibility and custom configurations to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Perfect integration of cleaning lines into existing or specific production processes is guaranteed.
  • Control and monitoring of process and transport parameters via Industrial PC control.
  • Software is feature rich with numerous built in functions for Process Monitoring and Control. Based on industry standard and easy to use Windows platform.
  • Easy interface with barcode and RFID readers for process selection and data logging.
  • JAYCO and ELMA engineers are available to assist at each planning stage.

Perfect Ultrasonic Cleaning followed by optimized rinsing and drying lead to top cleaning results.

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