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Standard Modular Cleaning Systems by Elma
X-tra Line Series

Automated Precision Cleaning Systems Xtraline Enclosed System Download Product Literature

X-tra Line PRO: Professional Standard Modular Cleaning Lines

X-tra Line PRE: Precision Standard Modular Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Five standard unit sizes available. From a single-unit device up to completely automatic cleaning systems.
  • Modular design allows high flexibility of design and process sequence. Also permits modifications of cleaning process and equipment configuration at a future date.
  • All systems are pre-configured for numerous options and accessories. These can be added initially or can be easily retrofitted at any time in future.
  • Multi-frequency technology (25/45 or 35/130 kHz) for virtually every¬†cleaning task.
  • Control and monitoring of process and transport parameters via Industrial PC control.
  • Software is feature rich with numerous built in functions for Process Monitoring and Control. Based on industry standard and easy to use Windows platform.
  • For medical cleaning applications, Xenon software is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant. Full Audit Trail functionality for any changes to pre-defined processes.
  • Easy interface with barcode and RFID readers for process selection and data logging.
  • JAYCO and ELMA engineers are available to assist at each planning stage.

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